Since gaining publicity in the Beijing and London Summer Olympics, there have been many questions about how Kinesio-Tape can benefit the musculoskeletal system. As a Certified Kinesio-Taping Practitioner, Dr. Vyas has been advocating and applying the use of Kinesio-Tape on his patients for over 10 years. As it can help soothe and prevent many injuries, it is an easy and painless procedure that many find effective.

 What is Kinesio-Tape?

Created by Dr. Kenzo Kase in 1979, Kinesio-Tape is a stretchy athletic tape with an elasticity that is very close to that of human skin tissue. Where as many athletic tapes are designed to immobilize joints, Kinesio-Tape was designed to move with the human body naturally, while also supporting and preventing muscle damage. With diagonal adhesive on the backside of the tape, the Kinesio-tape can also be stretched to the amount of tension needed to relieve muscle tightness.

What can Kinesio-Tape be used for?

While its main use is to prevent or relieve muscular injury, Kinesio-Tape can also be used for neuromuscular re-education, improved circulation, orthopedic, and neurological re-education. The medical adhesive on the backside of the tape is designed to lift the skin, affecting both pain receptors and blood circulation. Based on the tension that is used when the tape is applied, the tape can be manipulated to either stimulate or provide support for certain muscles, while still keeping the range of motion in tact. The tape usually remains on the body for 3-4 days, allowing plenty of time to have an effect on the muscles. The tape can be applied as often as needed, and can be worn during sporting events, showers, and in swimming pools.

Here are some pictures of London 2012 Olympic Athletes sporting their Kinesio-Tape for various injuries and prevention:




London Summer Olympics 2012: Beach Volleyball 


China: Diving Team


David Beckham: Soccer Player


London Summer Olympics 2012: Rowing


Mario Balotelli: Italy Soccer, London Summer Olympics 2012

All facts about Kinesio-Tape were adapted from Kinesio-Tape's website,


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